Stuff and Nonsense

(A thing of little substance)
March 2008

From A to Z
it's clear enough:

the things you see
are made of Stuff.

Mount Everest
is made of stone,

your skeleton
is bits of bone,

a sidewalk painting's
only chalk,

a conversation?
mostly talk,

my "diamond" ring
is really glass --

a Counted noun
is made of Mass.

But whether it's
in rocks or rings,

that stuff is made
of many Things:

the Law's a bunch
of vexing rules,

your milk is full
of molecules,

Nature is
the bees and birds,

my poetry
is simply words --

in lumps or clumps,
in grams or pounds,

a Mass consists
of Countless nouns.

Which makes the question
fairly tough:

are we but Things,
or is we Stuff?

The curious
solution lies

at ultra-
microscopic size,

where teeny tiny
Things behave

as though they were
a kind of wave --

yet waves of Stuff
are Thing-ish too

(depending on
your point of view).

And that's the thought
I came to share:

is everywhere.

From Z to A
and back to Z,

Stuff and Things
is all there be.