Happy Birthday Mom (2011)

November 2011
Materials:  insomnia, zeroes and ones

Among many other things, my Mom is a professional typist. As a kid, I spent many nights falling asleep to the sound of keys clicking in the next room. They would be clicking again when I woke up.

Mom is the reason I have a strong work ethic, a love of antiques, and an inclination to stay up late.

Mostly this piece is a stock photo of an antique typewriter. I carefully blanked out nearly all of the keys -- each had to be done slightly differently because of differences in lighting, focus and texture. Then I either hand-edited the main letters by adapting similar keys (rotating and stretching them as needed), or else created the letters from scratch. In all cases I added imperfections and blurring to make the new keys look like part of the original photograph. The "20/11" was hand-adapted from a "%" key; the "LOVE DEB & ERYQ" were the only keys made from an actual font.eq