From Orwell’s “1984”
March 2006
Materials:  peace, freedom, strength

The Ministry of Truth rising over the slums of Airstrip One. Part of an experimental homage to George Orwell's '1984'. Eventually I'll get a hardcover edition of the book and print this out as my own custom dustjacket.

The image was cobbled together from a number of sources. I wanted the pyramid to seem impossibly large and frightening; I think the white smog helps create the scale. I also wanted the pyramid to recall the "Eye in the Pyramid" associated with the eye of God; to do this I made the upper storeys slightly darker where the "eye" would be.

Addendum, 2012. It may be that Orwell's own image for Minitrue was the Senate Building below, and that the structure was "pyramidal" in only the general sense:

I still like my interpretation, though.