Happy Birthday Ed (2007)

January 2007
Materials:  stolen light

My first major all-digital work, using Gimp with a Wacom tablet on a Linux laptop.

This is to celebrate a January birthday, and I was trying to recreate the look of a message drawn in the thin frost on the inside of a window in wintertime. It didn't quite work. One problem is that the logo design is too elaborate -- a simpler logo of soft, fingertip-wide lines would have been better. Another problem is that the blurry winter trees outside don't read coherently -- a simpler scene, like snow below and sky above, might have been more effective. I'll try it again some other time.

Some elements -- the window frame and the basic "frost" background -- were stolen from the web, probably from flickr.

I like the word art on its own. Often I do not plan these pieces fully... I start at the beginning and let the work evolve:

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