(for Yasmin Angelika)
January 2003
Materials:  wood frame, acrylics


A painted picture frame depicting a character from one of my all-time favorite children's books: the spider Charlotte A. Cavatica, from E. B. White's Charlotte's Web.

For Yasmin Angelika, January 2003.

Just my fancy way of saying hello.


Final draft of the design. Yes, I actually planned out every last filament of the web. It was the major design element; I couldn't leave it to chance:

The lettering of the word "Salutations" is done in the style of the book title in the classic illustration.

The individual filaments took a lot longer to paint than you might think: I had to dilute the acrylic paint until it had the consistency of cream, and work in short segments.

After I completed this piece, I noticed an astonishing (and accidental) similarity between its major features and those of Timeframe: big spiral at upper-left, smaller spiral at middle-right, pendulum down the left side, and arcs lower-left and upper-center. Clearly I have an aesthetic sense which breaks up the rectangle this way. I'll have to be aware of it when designing future works.


Detail of Charlotte. I was thrilled beyond belief when I scanned this in... you can even see her waving hi!

Escherian installation

Sent to me by Kristina and Ed. The photo shows Ed holding Yasmin and showing her the picture frame... in which there's a photo of Kristina holding Yasmin.